What is Bmw 118 lifespan?

The estimated lifespan of a Bmw 118 is 158,000mi, before reaching the life expectancy upper limit. Fuel type is a major factor when looking into a vehicles lifespan/life expectancy.

We calculated all of the below figures by getting average mileage from scrapped vehicles of this exact make, model, year and fuel type. We then get an accurate sum by taking into account deviations such as insurance write-offs.

Please note these life span averages are guidelines, and a vehicle may be unroadworthy before or after the estimated mileage.

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Why is lifespan important?

When it comes to choosing a new Bmw 118 for your family, it's essential to think beyond the shiny exterior and powerful engine. Just like picking the perfect pet or finding the right pair of shoes, the lifespan of a vehicle plays a crucial role in making a wise decision. Imagine a world where cars are like friends, sticking with us through thick and thin. Well, that's the kind of relationship we want with our vehicles, and here's why!

First things first, what exactly is a vehicle's lifespan? It's like the number of birthdays a car can celebrate before it's time to gracefully retire. Some cars, like superheroes, seem to last forever, while others have a shorter adventure. But how do we know which cars are in it for the long haul? That's where our magical database of scrapped vehicles comes into play.


Putting our data to the test

Picture this database as a giant book of car stories, telling us how long different Bmw 118s have been cruising the roads. It's like having a crystal ball that shows us the future of our potential rides. By peeking into this book, we can discover the secret life expectancy of a car – the average number of years it spends zooming around before it bids farewell.

Now, you might be wondering, why should we care about a car's lifespan? Well, imagine if you had a friend who promised to be with you for just a short time. You'd want to know that, right? The same goes for cars. We want a vehicle that will be our road companion for many years, not one that says goodbye too soon.


Here are some cool reasons why considering a car's lifespan is as important as picking the right flavor of ice cream:

1. Saving Money:
Cars, just like video games and toys, can be a bit pricey. When we choose a car that loves to stick around, it's like getting more value for our money. We won't have to say goodbye to our four-wheeled friend too soon, and that means more adventures without breaking the piggy bank.
2. Environmental Superpowers:

Believe it or not, cars have a superpower – the ability to help or harm our planet. A car that lasts longer means we're making fewer new cars and using fewer precious resources. It's like being an Earth superhero, fighting for a cleaner and greener world.
3. Family Memories:

Just like family photos and holiday traditions, cars become a part of our family memories. A car that stays with us for a long time becomes a witness to our adventures – from road trips to school pickups. It's like a trusty sidekick in our life story.
4. Less Stress, More Fun:

Imagine if our favorite games or toys only lasted a short time. That wouldn't be much fun, right? Well, cars are like big, grown-up toys for adults. Choosing a car with a good lifespan means less worry about unexpected breakdowns and more time for fun road trips and exciting journeys.

So, the next time you're thinking about bringing a Bmw 118 into your family, take a peek into our magical database. Find out how many birthdays that car is ready to celebrate with you. Remember, a car is not just a machine; it's a friend on wheels. Choose wisely, and may your adventures be long and full of joy!


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BMW 118

2012 - Petrol

Life Span: 158,376mi


BMW 118

2011 - Petrol

Life Span: 137,085mi


BMW 118

2013 - Petrol

Life Span: 131,821mi


BMW 118

2009 - Diesel

Life Span: 129,536mi


BMW 118

2005 - Petrol

Life Span: 128,632mi


BMW 118

2005 - Diesel

Life Span: 127,467mi


BMW 118

2011 - Diesel

Life Span: 125,747mi


BMW 118

2004 - Diesel

Life Span: 125,226mi


BMW 118

2014 - Petrol

Life Span: 123,323mi


BMW 118

2019 - Diesel

Life Span: 122,702mi


BMW 118

2008 - Petrol

Life Span: 121,328mi


BMW 118

2014 - Diesel

Life Span: 120,272mi


BMW 118

2017 - Petrol

Life Span: 119,731mi


BMW 118

2015 - Diesel

Life Span: 118,750mi


BMW 118

2018 - Diesel

Life Span: 118,531mi


BMW 118

2020 - Petrol

Life Span: 113,733mi


BMW 118

2019 - Petrol

Life Span: 112,192mi


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