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Buying a car can be stressful. Let VehicleScore guide you through your car buying journey, with easy to read vehicle information.

Buying a car can be stressful. Let VehicleScore guide you through your car buying journey, with easy to read vehicle information.


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How Does Our Free Car Number Plate Check Work?

Free car check

VehicleScore offers the best data and tools for anyone looking to check a vehicle.

With over 41.3 million licensed vehicles on the road in the UK, there is a lot of information that can be found. As long as a vehicle is registered, VehicleScore will have data on that vehicle.

VehicleScore breaks down car data so that anyone can understand it without being a car genius.

What does our free vehicle check include?

  • Make & model
  • ULEZ check
  • MOT history
  • Tax status
  • Mileage discrepancies
  • Expected lifespan
  • Vehicle insights
  • Free valuation
  • Mileage tracker
  • Motorbike MOT
  • Average miles per year
  • VehicleScore
  • Last owner change
  • BHP & fuel type
  • Future price valuation
  • AI mechanic
  • Tax cost
  • Vehicle performance check

Hidden history check

1 in 2 of the vehicles put through our premium check reveal hidden history.

Don't let hidden history spoil the purchase of your car. For ultimate peace of mind, spend as little as £2.97 and reveal hidden history.

We also offer this to trade for just £2.49 for a full history check.

We are proud to be one of the lowest priced history check websites online, and aim to get our prices lower as we grow.

What does our premium check include?

  • Stolen status
  • Salvage check
  • Category check
  • Finance check
  • High risk vehicle
  • 8 point valuation
  • Write-off
  • Import/Export
  • Score breakdown
  • Previous deep search
  • Colour changes

Why choose VehicleScore?

24/7 Customer Service

We are proud to have a customer service representative working around the clock. We believe amazing customer service is what makes us trusted and reliable. Don't believe us? Just check our TrustPilot!

Over 4,000,000 Free Checks

Since 2022, we have generated over 4,000,000 free history checks and over 50,000 premium checks. To top it off, we have over 100,000 users signed up with our service.

Advanced Web Technology

We used to latest web and cloud technology. This allows us to add new features and to keep going above and beyond our competitors.

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Why you should consider a car check

Finding value in a vehicle

Looking for a vehicle which is worth its money is not an easy task. Sometimes a vehicle can be listed saying it is amazingly good but is it really?

This was why VehicleScore was created. We designed our free car check tool to help users like yourself with your vehicle buying decisions. We can scan a vehicle's past and see if it is really up to the task of being a reliable for the foreseeable future.

Our car check will help you find that diamond in the rough, while helping you to avoid costly mistakes by buying the wrong vehicle. Let us guide you in making buying a car easy.

Avoiding scams

We are facing record numbers of reports of people being scammed when buying a vehicle. Vehicles can easily be picked up from a salvage yard, fixed up, and resold without there being a trace of data which reveals the full history of the vehicle.

Checking with VehicleScore first can save you from this. With our full hidden history reports, we scan if that vehicle has been spotted in a salvage yard and can reveal the truth behind the vehicles history.

Don't fall for a trap, be sure to check a vehicle first before buying it. Let VehicleScore put in the leg work and check a vehicle's past before you consider spending your hard-earned cash on buying it.

Negotiating power

With our ability to reveal the truth about a vehicle's past, we can help you use this to your advantage, by leveraging the hidden truth behind the vehicles past. Vehicle's which are found to be a category vehicle will always sell under market value. Checking if the car is classed as a category vehicle, has hidden finance or maybe has even been scrapped can help you negotiate a better price for that vehicle (if you still wish to go ahead with the purchase).

The handy thing about us scoring vehicles, is that we can show you averages. This gives you the power to compare apples with apples easily. If the vehicle you're looking at has a lower score than average, then you can use this to barter for a better price.

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