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How reliable is a Bmw 435?

Bmw 435's have a extremely good reliability rating of 828/999. The score was a mathematical result of the average score of every Bmw 435 that has had a registered MOT. Bmw 435's reliability review's are reflected in the score. Click here to see how we calculate each score.

We calculated all of the below figures by getting the score from each vehicle make/model/year/fuel, which are each calculated a score. We then generate the average score from those.

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Bmw 435

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BMW 435

2019 - Diesel

Life Span: 114,830mi


BMW 435

2017 - Diesel

Life Span: 128,318mi


BMW 435

2016 - Diesel

Life Span: 145,523mi


BMW 435

2015 - Petrol

Life Span: 116,211mi


BMW 435

2013 - Petrol

Life Span: 116,194mi


BMW 435

2014 - Diesel

Life Span: 171,944mi


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Very easy to use, good value for money, especially for me when looking at a number of vehicles. Buying a car is a big financial commitment and using Vehiclescore gives you all the information you need to make a buying decision.

24 February 2024


Bethune review

WOW, is there anything easier better, doubt it!

12 March 2024


Lyaqt review

Saw the service on shifting metal I am purchasing a new car has given me a peace of mind for minimal cost

23 February 2024


Jon review

Excellent service. Second to none

01 April 2024


Adam review

Had a full report done on a car that I was buying and it was very nice to find out all the information about passed mot passes or fails and also the score of the car too so it made my offer fair price to the seller

28 January 2024



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