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What is a VehicleScore?

22 Apr 23

"A VehicleScore is an all-in-one score of your vehicle's history. A MOT history shows a lot about a vehicle. Our VehicleScore algorithm is designed to spot big issues such as oil leaks, engine knocking and other mechanical issues, that can lead to expensive repairs. We also rule our the small MOT failures, such as tyres being below 1.6mm (UK legal tyre tread), and treating them as more wear and tear."

Why was VehicleScore created?

VehicleScore was designed to help people with their vehicle buying decisions*. Our score can quickly tell you if a vehicle has had a good or a bad history. Save the hassle of looking into a vehicle's history, and let our score tell you how the vehicle's health has been.

How do I use VehicleScore?

It's simple. Enter your registration into our score generator, wait a couple of seconds, and you will be presented with a VehicleScore.


How can a VehicleScore help me?

Not only do you get a score based on the vehicle's history, you will also be presented with an average score for your exact make, model, year and engine. This can be used to show how your vehicle compares to others on the market. Some vehicle models have common issues and problems that can reflect on a MOT. The average score can then be used to show how it weights up to other vehicles of the same model on the road.

Why should I sign up?

Signing up allows you to save your vehicles, and it also keeps you up to date on new and exciting features. We have plans for vehicle comparison, new score widgets and even starting our own forum, all of which would require a sign up to access these.

How do I find out the details of my score?

If you head down to the MOT section of the score page, you will be presented with the MOT history. This is where we display aspects of your score. The colour key reflects the impact made on your score. For example, a red label indicates a serious issue, and will have a heavy impact on your MOT history. A light grey colour indicates almost no impact at all.

MOT history

For a full MOT history breakdown, checkout our MOT history check page here

*please check our disclaimer as we do not take responsibility for your buying decisions, and should still do your own research and get professional advice before buying a vehicle.

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