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28 May 23

Why motorists are loving VehicleScore

VehicleScore is a complimentary tool designed to help you evaluate the performance of a vehicle throughout its lifetime. It also enables you to check its mileage history and quickly identify any MOT advisories. The best part? It's completely free to use, and you don't even need an account!

Buying a car can be easier for those with extensive automotive knowledge, but VehicleScore aims to assist those with limited expertise. This tool assigns a score ranging from 1 to 999 based on the car's MOT history, mileage, age, and other relevant factors. You can delve deeper into MOT reports that highlight potential serious faults as well as less concerning issues like wiper problems, bulb replacements, and general wear and tear.

VehicleScore can benefit sellers by allowing them to effortlessly add the score to their car sale photos and download them for free, all without requiring an account. This additional information can boost buyers' confidence and make your car listing stand out on popular car sales platforms.

Lastly, VehicleScore offers two reasonably priced Vehicle History Check services. These services help identify unrecorded Cat C/D/S/N cars that have passed through salvage auctions but maintain a completely clean history on websites like AutoTrader and eBay. It's truly invaluable.

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